Buying Appliances on Memorial Day – KAR

Best Overall Memorial Deals at UAKC I’ve been around the appliance industry for nearly 40 years. During that time I’ve had a variety of jobs in sales and marketing with distributors and manufacturers. Along the way, I’ve taught marketing classes to both undergraduate and MBA students. One area that marketers study is consumer demand. We […]

When it starts warming up consider a cool wine – KAR

Rosé is our choice when warm weather looms What is rosé? Quite simply, rosé is a wine that has the some of the color of the grape skin, but not enough to be a red wine. The grape skins are left in the “juice” until the rosé blush is obtained. Though it does happen, it’s […]

Refrigerators with Cameras – KAR

Samsung, Dacor, and LG Refrigerators with Built-In Cameras Why in the world would you want to buy a refrigerator with a built-in camera? GOOD QUESTION. Below, we’ll explore 3 appliance brands that currently offer refrigerators with cameras. The obvious answer to the question of putting a camera in your refrigerator is so that you can […]

Your Halloween Minneapolis 2021Guide | D&T Appliance Service

Is Halloween canceled in Minneapolis this year? While there are extra precautions in place due to COVID-19, there are still plenty of fun Halloween activities to take part in safely. Please refer to the event website for the most current information. Fall is here, and it’ll be Halloween before you know it! Have you made […]

Is It Worth Repairing A 15-Year-Old Refrigerator?

Every appliance in your home will eventually reach the point where it should be replaced instead of repaired; at a certain point, repair work becomes too costly for too little benefit. Your refrigerator works hard for you and can be a bit expensive to replace, so you should be aware of when to repair it […]

New Appliances Fit for Los Angeles – KAR

UAKC offers more appliance choices with Haier It’s only been a couple of short years since GE Appliances became part of the Worldwide Haier Group of appliances. At this year’s Builder/Kitchen and Bath Show, GE announced the addition of Haier Appliances to its lineup. This is good news to many in the LA basin. There […]

Connected “Smart” Appliances – KAR

Be “Smart”. Choose your smart appliances at UAKC Appliances that are wi-fi connected or otherwise “smart”, are popping up in several appliance categories and brands. We’ve been seeing connected appliances at the major trade shows for many years. These features have for the most part been futuristic, but now they are more than just a […]

More products for small spaces – KAR

UAKC has the right products for your kitchen The team at KAR can provide you with appliance products built to fit the dimensions of your kitchen. The big box stores can’t do that because their offerings must fit everywhere. For example, there are many homes and apartments in the LA area with 24″ wide cabinets. […]

Maintain Your Refrigerator in the Summer – KAR

The kids are home from school. It’s hot outside, and they’re in and out of the refrigerator all day long. Why? The refrigerator has the same contents now that it did fifteen minutes ago. Then they keep the door open while they stare inside. What are they doing – taking inventory? When they finally close […]

Tips for Saving Energy On Your Appliances During Winter

When winter arrives, many homeowners have concerns about their utility bills. Since you’re likely to spend more on heating your home, you may want to make savings elsewhere. So, here we have some tips for saving energy on your appliances during winter. Refrigerator: The simplest way to waste energy is to keep opening and closing […]

Terrific Commander’s Palace Souffle’ Recipe from Jenn-Air – KAR

Prepared in Jenn-Air Oven Commander’s Palace in New Orleans opened in 1880. It soon became a New Orleans institution and then an American one. In almost a century and a half, the generations of staff at Commander’s have developed, honed, and perfected many recipes. Want the best Bloody Mary in America? Go to Commander’s where […]

Looking Inside Your Refrigerator – KAR

Refrigerators with Cameras and See Through Doors One of the most recent trends in refrigerators is adding cameras inside to let you know what is inside your refrigerator. Some manufacturers also have the low-tech solution of having a window on the door. We’ll take a look (joke intended) below. The low tech window solution means […]

How to Remove Thanksgiving Food Stains

As platters are passed and wine glasses raised, food stains become as common to Thanksgiving day as the turkey itself. How do you make Thanksgiving stains disappear before they become permanent? Acting quickly with detergent, cold water, dish soap or white vinegar can eliminate most spills and splashes. Learn how to remove Thanksgiving food stains […]

Dishwasher Repair: Common Dishwasher Noises And What They Mean

Dishwasher noises mean there is a problem with your appliance. According to dishwasher repair professionals, the dishwasher will make a myriad of noises that have different meanings. These noises include: Grinding noises are due to different reasons. A light grinding can be due to the running of the dishwasher motor, and you have nothing to […]

Speed Cooking – KAR

UAKC can put your cooking on the fast track There has been a lot of development in ovens that cook quickly. Thanks to convection cooking, there’s no more waiting all day for the turkey to cook. With microwave ovens many foods can be reheated in just a couple of minutes. With the advanced technology included […]