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I am a big advocate of sorting my laundry. I am particular about my washer loads. I generally separate my loads by whites (hot water), dark loads (cold water), and mixed (warm water). My college-age daughters, they just make one load out of everything. Each to his own, I suppose, but I like my whites, white, and my darks, dark, and no weird bleeding of one color onto another.


However, not to throw a monkey wrench intoClothesline-image things, but the TYPES of laundry you sort will make a big difference on the wear and tear on your clothes. If you just love that white T that you bought, you might not like it so much after it has been in the load with towels a couple of times. Towels, and the friction of the nubby cloth rubbing on other types of clothing can cause stretching and pilling that can age your clothing more quickly.

Jeans, specifically unsnapped jeans, jacket zippers, etc., think about that swishing or flipping around with your stretchy yoga pants and you get the picture.

Your friend in all is this is the laundry bag! It’s not just for bras and baby socks! Use it for those tissue T’s that everyone is wearing. Look at how delicate they are and you will understand. Anything that feels remotely delicate, stretchy, or really soft to the touch will last you so much longer with the use of a few laundry bags. And with the bags, you are far less likely to inadvertently toss your favorite shirt into the dryer accidentally. I so hate that!

So, invest in 4 or 5 laundry bags and extend the life of your clothing! Cheers!



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