Simple Maintenance Advice for Your Dishwasher

Many of us forget that a dishwasher needs to be cleaned. When it is continually filled with dirty dishes, it is understandable that a dishwasher may start to get very dirty, but there is some simple maintenance advice to keep your dishwasher operating efficiently and effectively. Deodorize One of the most common dishwasher issues is […]

How to Prepare For Your Appliance Delivery

If you are planning on purchasing a new appliance, you need to consider more than just arranging to be home for the delivery team. There is a lot of preparation that can make your appliance delivery go as smoothly as possible. So, here we’ll go through the process from start to finish, so you can […]

Things to Look for in Your New Convection Microwave Oven

A microwave is a staple in many kitchens, but many homeowners have fully embraced the technology and the benefits offered with a convection microwave oven. Convection technology has evolved a great deal in recent years, making convection microwave ovens an innovative and useful appliance for a busy family home. Since this technology may be new […]

Exploring the Options for Your Ventilation Hood

Ventilation is crucial in a kitchen. A good ventilation hood will not only carry away steam, but also odors and grease that could compromise your kitchen comfort. Most kitchen ventilation hoods can be divided into one of five types. Here we’ll explore these in more detail, to help you make an informed decision for your […]

LG Dryer Not Heating? This May Be Why.

A dryer that doesn’t heat up results in a pile of wet clothes and just as many questions. Why is my LG dryer not heating properly? Overloading it with clothing leaves little room for warm air to circulate, leaving clothes wet. Troubleshoot an LG dryer not drying with these problem-solving tips. Why is My LG […]

4 Home Appliance Energy Conservation Tips

Most of us have a number of home appliances that are great time savers, but they can consume a lot of energy, and this drives up your monthly bills. Although it isn’t possible to eliminate the energy consumption completely, it is possible to reduce the amount of energy consumed. In this article, we will look […]

6 Foods That Need to be Refrigerated

Many of us store foods in a haphazard way; some items obviously require refrigeration, and others are less clear. But, if you fail to refrigerate certain foods, you can significantly shorten their lifespan and make them less flavorful. In this article, we will take a closer look at six foods that need to be kept […]

Integrating a Microwave Oven into Your Kitchen

A microwave oven is a useful device that can really help to cut down cooking times significantly. But, they do take up a lot of space on the counter, and they are too large to store in an appliance caddy when not in use. In order to get the best use out of your microwave, […]

5 Signs That You Need to Consider a Kitchen Remodel

One of the most significant home improvement projects that you can undertake is a kitchen remodel. This project causes a great deal of disruption, plenty of time, and a significant investment. But, the results are well worth the investment and it can add value to your home if you’re considering selling in the near future, […]

The Main Differences between Fully and Partially Integrated Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are many terms that are new and hard to understand for most people. At first glance, many terms may seem to be interchangeable, but in reality, they are not, and this can lead to confusion. A pair of common terms that you may encounter when talking about kitchens […]

Is Your Washing Machine Walking? Try this.

If you have ever experienced a washing machine walking across the floor, you know how frustrating it can be. This problem is often caused by an unbalanced load or washing machine feet that are not level. In this blog post, we will explain how to evenly distribute the wash load and level the washer feet. […]

How Long Does A Dishwasher Last? Dishwasher Repair Experts Give Their Input

One of the mistakes homeowners make is hiring dishwasher repair professionals to repair an appliance that has passed its lifespan. It’s pointless to keep on repairing an aged appliance as you will be wasting your money, and it will never work efficiently. If you are wondering how long does a dishwasher last, you should expect […]

LG Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water or Ice?

LG refrigerators are a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses. They have various features that can make your life easier, such as water and ice dispensers. But what do you do if your LG refrigerator not dispensing water or ice becomes a problem? This blog post will go over some common issues with the […]

Express Appliance Repair | Commercial Appliance Repair, Virginia, VA

Welcome to Express Appliance Repair, VA Your appliance is not doing what it’s supposed to? Are you looking for an experienced and reliable appliance repair servicemen in Virginia, MD, DC? Then you’ve landed at the right place! Here at Express Appliance we repair Commercial Equipment, Residential Appliance’s and HVAC. Residential Appliance Repair in VA In […]