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How long should I preheat my oven?

When you turn on your oven to bake those cookies your have lovingly made with the little time you have in your day, the last

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The Oven Won’t Self-Clean

  If you’re anything like me, the thought of a self-cleaning oven fills your heart with joy. No need to put on rubber gloves? Source

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Alarming statistics Who can you trust?

ALARMING STATISTICS YOU SHOULD READ: Over 11% of service technicians (plumbers, appliance repairmen, window washers, carpet cleaners, etc) have background discrepancies that could place a

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Best Cooking Classes in the Twin Cities

Spending your time watching cooking shows is fun, but why not take it a step further and take a cooking class? We know of some

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How Does My Traeger Grill Work?

Some of the best meals I have ever made came off my Traeger grill. If you are a passionate griller or just curious about the

Self-Cleaning Your Oven Before the Holidays

Self-cleaning your oven is a wonderful convenience.  Gone are the days of nasty, caustic sprays and practically knocking yourself out with the fumes as you

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D&T Appliance Awards Our Top Employees of 2018

At D&T Appliance, we’ve always felt that it’s important to recognize hard work, dedication, and outstanding service. That’s why we’re proud to present our award-winning

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How To Fix An Ice Maker Not Making Ice

You have heard that making ice takes time, so you take your sweet time. You check your ice maker after a few minutes, and there

Bosch Dishwasher Recall Safety Notice!

If you own a Bosch and Siemens Dishwasher please read the information below to see if your appliance is part of the Bosch Dishwasher Recall Safety