Getting Your Dishes Clean – KAR

Full Dishwashers Clean Best Not true. Dishes need some separation from one another. Crowded dishwasher racks are likely to have dishes or bowls nested inside

How Your Dishwasher Works – KAR

There are three processes that contribute to your dishwasher getting your dishes clean. They are: Mechanical, Thermal, and Chemical actions. These processes work together to

Appliances repair

Oven Repair: 6 Ways To Maintain Your Oven

For you to avoid regular oven repair, you should take good care of your oven. The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways

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With the weather turning warm, it’s time to get out the grill and get ready for Tri-Tip. Whether you call it a steak or a

2 New Ranges from Jenn-Air – KAR

A Quick Look at 2015 Jenn-Air Ranges We thought 2014 was the year of the slide-in range for Jenn-Air with their new full-depth slide-in ranges

Update on Dwell on Design – KAR

Update from our previous blog post:Dwell on Design 2015 On May 29th through May 31st Dwell on Design will be taking over the South Hall