Washer Repair: Common Washer Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Washer repair professionals report that most of the washer problems are due to the many mistakes that people make when they are using their washing machines. Here are some of the most common washer mistakes and what you should do go about them:

Maintenance mistakes

How you take care of the washer has a great
impact on how it operates and how long it lasts. One of the mistakes that
people make is failing to replace or check the water hoses. Water hoses are one
of the most integral parts of the washer; therefore, when you aren’t inspecting
them, you are making a serious mistake.

When you don’t inspect the hoses you can’t tell
when they develop issues which often gets you by surprise.

For peace of mind you need to undertake regular water
hose inspection. When you notice a crack or any other problem, you should
replace the hose immediately. Some people tend to ignore the problem which leads
to flooding of the house. As you might have guessed, this leads to house damage.

Another mistake that people make is failing to
level their washing machines. When you work with an unleveled washing machine,
the unit keeps on making annoying noises. The unleveled appliance also tends to
scratch the floor causing damage to the floor and the machine.

For you to save money and have peace of mind,
you should ensure that your washing machine is leveled all the time. One of the
quickest ways of going about it is purchasing a leveler kit for your machine.

Washing machine cleaning mistakes

Washing machines are designed to clean, but you
also need to clean them regularly. Some people make the mistake of never
cleaning them. This is not only unhygienic, but also dangerous to the machine.

Others will clean the appliances, but they will
forget some of the crucial areas. For example, some will forget to clean out
the lint trap or filter. The lint trap is meant to protect the washer;
therefore, it’s common for debris, dirt, and other materials to stick to the

If you don’t clean it early enough, it’s bound
to clog leading to the tub draining improperly. The drain can also leave fuzzy
remnants on your clothes before they even get to the dryer.

When you are cleaning the washing machine, ensure that you pay close attention to the lint trap and ensure that you have cleaned it thoroughly.

Another cleaning mistake that people make is
failing to run a cleaning cycle. When you fail to do so, soap residues and
other particles are bound to buildup in the washing machine, shortening its

Other homeowners will clean their appliances,
but they will fail cleaning them as deeply as they are supposed to. As you might
have guessed, this doesn’t give the washers the clean look that they deserve
hence they keep on developing problems.

For you to clean the washers as deep as
possible, you need to run the longest wash and spin cycle. You should then
refill the tub again with hot water while adding one quart of white distilled
vinegar. Once you are done, repeat the longest cycle.

You don’t have to hire a professional to help you
with the cleaning but if you don’t have the time or you feel that you are
unable to properly clean the washing machine, you should go ahead and hire an experienced
expert to help you out.

Usage mistakes

Commercial appliance repair Fairfaxprofessionals report that most of the washing machine problems are as a result of poor usage. The most common mistake is overloading the machine.

When you overload the washing machine, it tends to
work harder in order to spin all the clothes. This puts more tension on the
parts. This not only leads to damage to the appliance, it also tends to greatly
reduce the lifespan of the appliance.

Others use a lot of detergent with the aim of
giving their clothes an extra clean look. There is nothing that is as
misleading as this. When you use a lot of detergent you don’t give your clothes
a clean look. The extra detergent tends to build up in the unit leading to