Dishwasher Repair: Common Dishwasher Problems And How To Fix Them

Just like any other appliance, the dishwasher develops problems that you should fix as fast as possible. Here are some of the most common dishwasher problems as given by dishwasher repair professionals:

Failure of the dishwasher to clean properly

A dishwasher is meant to clean the dishes;
therefore, when it’s not doing it, you can’t call it a dishwasher anymore, can
you? The unit will fail to clean the dishes when it’s dirty. You should check
the strain screen, sprayer arms, and door gaskets for any food particles,
grease, and other forms of debris that might be there.

If there is any form of dirt, get rid of it as
soon as possible.

You also should consider running a cleaning
cycle using a dishwasher cleaner to see whether it will work.

The unit might be failing to clean the dishes
properly due to low pressure spray arms. Work with your contractor who will
inspect the arms and fix them if having any issues. The arms should move freely
without any obstruction. If the arms are worn out, you have no way out, other
than to replace them.

Appliance repair experts report that the
problems could be as a result of problems with the upper discharge housing
gasket. You need to inspect it and find out whether it needs tightening or

In some cases, the problem is due to the use of
a poor quality detergent and for you to fix the problem you only need to use a
high quality detergent.

Noisy dishwasher

While the unit should make some noise when
working, it shouldn’t be making noises that you are uncomfortable with. When the
unit is making a lot of noise, you might be having a defective pump, wash arm
seal, or bearing ring. All of these parts are difficult to diagnose and fix if
you don’t have the necessary skills; therefore, you should hire a professional
to help you out.

In some cases, the problem is due to spray arms
that aren’t turning properly and they may be hitting the racks and dishes. In such
a case, you need to replace them.

Failure of the dishwasher to drain

A properly functioning dishwasher shouldn’t have any water remaining after you have cleaned the dishes; therefore, when the unit isn’t draining, you have a problem that you should address. A dishwasher that isn’t draining tends to hold your dishes hostage and cause flooding in the kitchen.

You should inspect the assembly and check valve
in the drain sump. If it’s not moving properly, replace it. You also should
consider updating the drain pump and motor. If there are any obstructions for
solenoid and drain flapper, get rid of them.

Leaking dishwasher

There is nothing as disgusting as this and it’s
one of the problems that many people dread. This is because it tends to cause
serious damage to the house.

When you are having this problem you need to
check the drainage hose for any cracks and other forms of damage that might be
there. You also should pay attention to the defective pump seal or pump. If necessary,
change the seal and replace the pump.

A faulty door gasket will also cause the
problem. You should find out whether it has become brittle or isn’t sealing the
door as well as it’s supposed to. If you notice issues with it, replace it so
that you can have a better fit.

Failure of the dishwasher to start

You will put the dishes in the unit for
cleaning, but the unit will simply fail to start. when you are having this
problem you should take a look at the fuses and circuit breakers to ensure that
they haven’t blown or tripped.

You also should confirm that the unit is
properly plugged in. In some cases, dishwashers fail due to a faulty door latch
or door latch switch. If the door isn’t properly closed, it’s bound to prevent
the dishwasher from starting; therefore, you should confirm that its properly

If the latch is working well, commercial appliance repair Northern VA professionals recommend that you check the electronic control or timer and confirm that it is in good condition.