Appliance Repair: Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Dishwasher

Do you have a dishwasher in your place of work? Regardless of how well you have maintained it, it will come a time when you will have to replace it. Here are signs given by appliance repair professionals that you should look out for to tell that your unit is ripe for replacement:

Is your dishwasher more than 10 years? If it is, its time that you start thinking of an upgrade. An old unit not only consumes a lot of energy, it also tends to keep on failing thus you have to replace it every now and then.

You don’t have to replace the appliance just because it’s more than ten years. It can be old, but properly maintained. As a result, it’s bound to last for a longer time. If your unit is still working properly and your energy bill is still constant, you should continue using it until when it starts misbehaving.

You can see rust

Rust is like cancer; therefore, when you notice it on your dishwasher, it’s time that you start thinking about replacing your unit. Once in a while, it’s recommended that you swipe the floor under the dishwasher using paper towel or a light colored cloth.

In the event you come up with rust flakes, it means that the appliance is leaking and getting to areas it’s not supposed to. As mentioned above, rust is akin to cancer; therefore, when you notice it, you should think of replacing the unit as soon possible if you don’t want the operations in your restaurant to grind to a halt.

You should note that sometimes the rust might be due to a tub that you can clean with citric acid and your appliance will continue functioning properly. Before you think about replacing the appliance, you should confirm whether the dishes had come into contact with the tub.

If that is the case, run an empty cycle with citric acid and you will have cleaned it up.

Water remains after a cycle

It’s common to find small amounts of water in a mug or bowl after a cycle, but there shouldn’t be any water left standing inside the dishwasher.

When you have water at the bottom of the dishwasher it means that the drain isn’t doing its work. It can either be clogged or damaged and you will have to replace it. In some cases, the problem is larger than this and you have to replace the entire appliance.

You should start with asking a plumber to inspect the appliance and fix the problem. If it’s impossible to fix the issue, you have no way out other than to replace it.

The dishes come out cold

If you have been having your dishwasher for a long time you know that if you remove the dishes from the unit at the right time after a cycle, they are supposed to be toasty and steamy. This way you are sure that they are not only clean, but also properly sanitized.

If you are removing the dishes and they are cold, you have something to worry about. In most cases, the dishes will come out cold if you are having an issue with the heating coil that gets the tap water hot.

If the heating coil is broken, there is no way it will heat the water hence the cold dishes. You should hire a dishwasher professional to fix it. In some cases, the issue is greater than this especially if the appliance is old. In such a scenario, you are better off simply replacing the unit.

Your energy bill has skyrocketed

Unless you have added a new appliance in your home, there is no reason why your energy bills should go up. If your appliance is old and you have noticed your energy bills spiking every month, it’s time you start thinking of getting a new unit.

When you are buying a new appliance, dishwasher repair Northern VA professionals recommend that you pay attention to the star rating. The higher it is, the more efficient the unit is. You should take good care of the new appliance for it to last for a long time and give you an ideal service.