Over The Range Microwave Installation Service | Looking to Install an Over-the-range Microwave Oven?

With its prolific experts, KAS PROS takes pride in seamless OTR microwave installation services. Whether for commercial or domestic purposes, we are your perfect choice; you get value for your investment. KAS PROS will take care of your home appliance installations no matter where you buy it from other reputable stores like: Lowe, Home Depot, Canada appliance source, Costco or  Appliance Canada. Read on to get in touch with the best over-the-range microwave installation experts in the industry. Check out our Current Appliance Installation Promo Prices

Get Assurance of Quality, Exceptional OTR Microwave Installation at KAS PROS


Modern technology in the kitchen keeps the culinary experience enjoyable, especially when it comes to clearing unwanted smells, air and grease appliances like range hoods  and the OTR microwave are imperative. However, for a perfect performance, expertise is important. Do you need help getting the best installers? KAS PROS’ experience and expertise make it worth your money. We have gained trust and popularity over the years due to our professionalism and use of quality materials from leading suppliers. 

1. The Reason You Need KAS PROS for OTR microwave Installation services

2. Key Aspects to Understand on OTR Microwave Installation Getting Insights on the Installation

3. You Enjoy More When Experts Install Your OTR Microwave Getting Professionals With Experience

4. The Gradual Procedure of Installing OTR Microwave With KAS PROS

5. Critical Notes

6. The Installation Frequently Asked Questions

1. The Reason You Need KAS PROS for Over-the-range microwave Installation services

Long Time Technical Know-how

Many of you mistake microwave installation for any other DIY exercise; you are about to make a mistake. Getting an expert gives you proper performance and functionality advantage. KAS PROS has experienced experts to handle the installation process easily; we are today’s leading microwave installation partners.

Smooth Installation Process

The process can only be difficult to quack; KAS PROS is not a part of it. We have professionals to handle every step of the installation process smoothly, from modifying your kitchen layout to connecting electricity to the microwave.

We Source Quality Appliances

Over the years, KAS PROS has been associated with quality materials/appliances from the most reliable stores. We understand how quality plays a key role in exceptional deliveries. Our experts are focused on giving you the best.

2. Key Aspects to Understand on OTR Microwave Installation- Getting Insights on the Installation

After assessing your kitchen, our experts will understand the best position to fit the microwave, preferably above your cooking area. Despite an inbuilt microwave fan, experts ensure enough ventilation in the kitchen.

Considerations of Skillful Electrical Connections and Ventilation Within the Kitchen

Your safety is our priority; our experts have safety and regulation certificates to guarantee your safety. They connect electrical wires and ventilation appliances with ease.

3. You Enjoy More When Experts Install Your New Over-the-range Microwave

Getting Professionals With Experience

In many cases, homeowners insist on installing OTR microwaves individually, which is risky. From our experience, DIY installation ends up causing costly damages to rectify. Going for experts is safe and guarantees better performance and return on investment.

Beautifying Your Kitchen

Experts get to asses your kitchen layout to understand where and how to secure the unit. Unlike DIY, hiring professionals change the interior décor of your kitchen by choosing materials that perfectly match the interior.

Access to durable materials

Despite having the best experts in the industry, we also let quality materials define our work; we source materials from leading industry stores.

4. The process of Installing an OTR Microwave

Free Consultation Process

It is our primary step to interested parties. We have the best in the industry; you have to reach out: Call 1-888-520-4527 or Email

Critical connections- Electricity and ventilation

Proper connections of these define safety. Our professionals are the best, and they are compliant with set safety regulations. they will make sure the vent is connected and the power cord is routed properly. You don’t have to worry about a thing. 

The hands-on Installation process

The process is crucial; experts take every detail to avoid missing anything. Unplug existing over-the range microwave power cord, Uninstall the old unit, With every consideration using wall template and the stud finder the technicians will locate the wall stud, drill holes and install the mounting bracket. we again carefully use the template to mark the right position of the screws on the bottom of the upper cabinet, remove the template and drill the holes, thread the bolts while holding the microwave in place to help secure the microwave tightly.

Microwave unit test checks

As experts, your satisfaction is our pride; before leaving the site, we run several tests to ascertain functionality and performance.

5. Crucial points to Note

  • Our basic over-the-range microwave installation 

  • Our installation procedure is faultless.

  • Your safety is at heart at KAS PROS. We have the best experts for electrical and ventilation care.

  • Dealing with reputable microwave suppliers is our top priority.

6. Some of the clients’ Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a few of microwave installation faqs

1. Can You Recommend for DIY Installation?

No. DIY may cause costly damages to repair. Hiring an expert is safe and economical for repairs.

2. Can Your Experts Install Any Brand of Microwave?

Yes. Our experts handle all brand installations. We have amassed experience over the years to handle them.

3. Do You Take the Whole Day to Install the OTR Microwave?

In 1hr or less. Our experts are fast to install the microwave in a twinkle of an eye. 

4. Can I Add Additional Electrical Work for the Installation?

Absolutely. We are always ready to enhance performance. Additional electrical connections would increase functionality.

5. Would You Haul Away My Old Microwave?

Definitely at an extra fee of $45-$89 depending on your location and city, KAS PROS can arrange to send out technicians equipped to haul away/recycle the old microwave . However, our key focus is installation and so customers will need to let us know in advance when making an appointment. 

Wrap Up!

The use of the microwave can not be underestimated in the kitchen; better performance lies in the hands of experts only. When you hire KAS PROS’ experienced experts, you enjoy optimized kitchen space, quality appliances from reputable suppliers, and a luxurious blend of appliances with kitchen décor. Our expertise ensures a seamless installation with minimal disruption in the kitchen. Contact us today for an experienced installation process by the leading OTR microwave installation partners-KAS PROS.