Dishwasher Repair: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher in your home or place of work there are a number of things you should know about it. Here are some of these things as given by dishwasher repair professionals:

Be cautious of the type of water you have

Your home has hard or soft water.  The nature of the water not only determines how clean the dishes get, it also determines the amount of detergent that you use. If you have hard water, you tend to use more water and vice versa. You also tend to use a lot of detergents.

On the other hand, if you have soft water, you don’t need to use a lot of detergents to keep the dishes clean. For you to avoid wasting your detergent and using too much detergent that ends up etching your dishes and glasses, you should determine the nature of the water in your home.

you don’t know how to test it, ask a professional to help you out.

Ensure that the water getting into the dishwasher has the right temperature

the water to easily break up the food particles that are left on the dishes, it
should be between 120 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is
lower than this, it will take longer for the dishwasher to clean the dishes. In
some cases, you will find that the dishwasher doesn’t clean the dishes as well
as it’s supposed to.

you to help the dishwasher have an easy time keeping the water at the right
temperature, you should run hot water at your sink for a short time before you
start the dishwasher cycle.

Load the dishwasher properly

There is no way the dishes will be clean if you don’t load the dishwasher properly. You even end up damaging the unit if you don’t load it the way it’s supposed to.

of the mistakes people make is putting the wrong ware on the wrong rack. You should
note that some things are dishwasher-safe when they are on the gentler top rack
while others require rigorous cleaning from the bottom rack.

proper cleaning, place cups, bowls, glasses, and big utensils on the top rack. Pans,
pots, and plates should go to the bottom rack.

placing the dishes, take care that you don’t overfill it with too many dishes
as they won’t get as clean as they are supposed to.

dishwasher has a little grid on top of the silverware basket that is meant to
hold the silverware in place. Always make use of it so that the dishes have
enough space for the water and suds to move freely between, thus ensuring that
everything gets squeaky clean.

Use the right detergent

detergent that you use determines the results that you get. It also determines
how clean the dishes get. For ideal results, use biodegradable, eco-friendly,
non-toxic brands.

When cleaning, avoid using a lot of detergents as using a lot of it leads to many soap suds that cause an overflow of condensation and water. A lot of detergents have also been shown to affect the dishwasher pipes leading to leakages.

Commercial appliance repair Fairfax professionals also show that using too much detergent speeds up the process of etching. This is the formation of a cloudy film on the glassware that is often difficult to remove.

Keep the dishwasher clean

the dishwasher is meant to clean the dishes, you should remember to also keep
it clean. At least once a week, clean both the insides and outsides of the unit
with your favorite cleaning products.