Gas Vs. Electric Ovens: Repair Considerations & Differences In Maintenance

If you are lucky enough to have the choice between an electric oven and a gas stove, you might wonder which one you should choose. Both gas and electric ovens have unique considerations when it comes to maintenance and repair work. Understanding how these two appliances compare can guide your decision-making process and make shopping a breeze. 

Here is what you need to know about the major differences between gas ovens and an electric stove: 

Cleaning Electric Ranges Vs. Gas Burners

When it comes to appliance maintenance, the first thing to consider is your day-to-day maintenance efforts: How easy is it to clean the range? Most people find that a glass cooktop, usually associated with an electric range, is the easiest to wipe clean. There are fewer parts and crevices for food particles to get into compared to a gas range. 

It will take a bit more time and elbow grease to clean gas ranges, which can set you up for more maintenance problems in the long haul. 

Issues With the Heating Elements

When deciding between these two appliance types, you should be aware of the risk posed by needed repairs. If electric stoves stop working, that is usually the end of the story. You will need a professional repair person to come and service your appliance, but you don’t have to worry about your health in the interim. 

On the other hand, gas stoves can pose serious health risks. 

If there’s a leak in your natural gas line, you might be facing issues with carbon monoxide and other serious health concerns. This is why having a carbon monoxide detector is a must for homes with a gas supply. Appliance repair should be swiftly called out for gas appliances that aren’t running properly. 

Maintenance Costs

Of course, many homeowners are more concerned with the cost of repairs between an electric oven and a gas oven. Electric ovens typically have less expensive repairs and parts. Repairing an electric unit may take less time, which can ease up on hourly service calls from a professional repair crew; repairing a gas oven often takes more labour than an electric one. 

Why are maintenance and repair so different from gas ovens? Think of it this way: A gas oven has both electrical components that power it and gas elements that serve as your fuel source. These oven repairs must account for potential gas leaks and maintain precise temperature control. 

While a repair for either appliance may not be cheap, electric ranges have the advantage here. 

Hire Professional Repair Services

If you are facing an issue with wall ovens, you should immediately call a professional repair service. KAR offers affordable Winnipeg oven repair with fast turnaround times so your kitchen can get back up and running smoothly. Call us today to see how we can improve your appliances and get your home in working order!