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Your appliance is not doing what it’s supposed to? Are you looking for an experienced and reliable appliance repair servicemen in Virginia, MD, DC? Then you’ve landed at the right place! Here at Express Appliance we repair Commercial Equipment, Residential Appliance’s and HVAC.

Residential Appliance Repair in VA

VA Appliance Repair

In today’s busy schedule, households depend heavily on appliances to assist in day to day chores. Be it refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, dryer, oven/range you can trust Express Appliance to provide a one stop solution in The Virginia, MD, DC area.

Over the period of time, we have set our own standards that are unmatched when it comes to refrigerator repairs. Apart from repairs we even provide maintenance service for your refrigerators. Maintenance services such as cleaning of condensers, cleaning of drain lines, cleaning of drip pans, manual defrosting, replacing air damper seals and adjustment or replacement of doors can all can be done professionally by our expert technicians.

In this scorching heat, freezer repairs and ice maker repairs become an urgent need, and for that matter quick response and expertise in appliances of all major manufacturers. Replacing a washer or dryer could be an expensive option, so if before you go for that option, trust us for your washer repair or dryer repair, we will be able to provide you with a more affordable alternative.

In wall ovens/ranges or over the counter ovens, could potentially cause a hazardous environment for a household. Heat blow out, door malfunctions, gas leaks, are all cases if not addressed on time could be harmful. But you don’t have to worry, in Virginia; there is no appliance repair we can’t take care of. We are, in fact, your one stop appliance repair company in Virginia!

Commercial Appliance Repair in Virginia

Commercial Appliance Repair VA

Commercial refrigerators are built to do heavy work, and a lot depends on their performance. A slight hick up and it could cause a lot of problems. Keeping that in mind, we provide commercial appliance repair to restaurants, hotels and other business with 7 days a week service. You can trust our technicians for repairing commercial appliances of any company, specialties include True, Beverage Air, Scotsman, and more.

With experience of over 20 years, we provide food service industry with expert and reliable service of commercial kitchen equipment and walk-in refrigerator. We understand that businesses require timely resolution of problems, so we stock common repair needs and replacements parts so that you won’t have to wait at all. To ensure convenience, we work with major manufacturers to provide warranty. So if you feel that your walk-in refrigerator repair is a warranty job, then don’t worry, we are there to take care of it for you!

HVAC Repair in Northern Virginia

HVAC contractor va

HVAC systems work round the clock. They are an essential aspect to ensure a comfortable living environment. With temperatures rising high in summers and the blistering chill of the winter, HVAC systems are a necessity. With that, their repair and maintenance is of utmost importance.

When it comes to air conditioner repair, Express Appliance technicians are efficient in service of almost all major manufacturers and have attained an acknowledgement for service in Virginia, Maryland, and the Metropolitan area. Whether it is your air vents or your AC repair, you can consult us for anything. Major requirement during winters is for technicians who can efficiently diagnose the furnace repair or heat pump repair. These heating repairs are especially valuable if your HVAC system is gas based. A slight slip could result in gas leak which is very dangerous.

HVACs are necessary and expensive equipment; their repair should be trusted to experts!


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