How To Keep Your Room Cooler Running Efficiently

Air coolers are affordable, environmentally friendly and they do a great job of cooling your home even during the worst weather. One good thing about air coolers is that they require minimal maintenance as compared to other appliances.

Here are some home cooling tips to keep your room cool… 

Clean, Check, And Replace Cooling Pads

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The absorbent cooling pads that line the inside walls of the air cooler are critical to how well it cools your house. These normally will last for a few seasons, but you can extend their life by a quick check at the start of the season:

  • Check for any odor. This indicates it’s time to change the cooling pad. Avoid using any fragrance to get rid of the odor, as it will only get worse over time.
  • Remove the side panels and gently knock on the exterior side to dislodge any dust
  • If the pads appear worn, or are disintegrating, replace them. A cooling pad that is falling apart cannot hold much water and gradually loses its cooling capacity.


Check The Pump And Pipes For Any Leakage Or Corrosion

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You also need to check all the pipes and the water pump for corrosion and for any leakage. Pipes that have become too hard (plastic and rubber harden over the years) might develop cracks and that means it’s time to change these with a fresh set. Also make sure the pipes are clear and free of any mold or dirt. Obstructions will increase the time taken to cool down your home. Apart from this, mold is very bad for your health! Water pumps are usually fuss-free, but you may need to lubricate them. If you’re not too sure how to do that, we recommend you get help from an expert.

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Check The Fan Blades

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Most coolers now use corrosion-resistant fan blades made from plastics. If the fan blades are imbalanced, the cooler can get noisy. Metal fan blades that are found in older coolers also become rusty over time. In this case, ensure that the paint is in good condition and call the brand service technician if your cooler gets too noisy.


How To Cool Down A Room Fast?
Nothing is as unpleasant as a warm room when you’re trying to sleep. Air coolers can really make a difference, especially during summers, but what if you want to improve cooling? Here are some tips that will help cool down a room fast!


Fill The Tank With Cool Water

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Air coolers use evaporative cooling. That’s why if you want your air cooler to really cool down your room fast, you need a big temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the moisture-laden air (which absorbs heat). Since household water tanks (especially those on the roof) get very hot, we recommend you avoid filling up the air cooler with water from the water tank. Instead, use buckets of water stored indoors.
Caution: Always switch off and unplug your air cooler before filling water.


Saturate The Cooling Pads With Water

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The best way to decrease the time taken to cool down your home is to ensure the cooling pads are properly saturated with water. Otherwise you risk blowing hot air inside. We recommend you turn on the pump for a few minutes before turning the fan on.
Caution: Never use the pump if there isn’t enough water in the air cooler tank.

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Add Ice If Your Cooler Has The Option

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Some new models of air coolers have a special tank for ice. The ice makes the water even cooler, ensuring the moisture-laden air inside your cooler can absorb more heat. While this effect won’t last for long, it can really reduce the time taken to cool down your room.


Cross-ventilation Is Essential

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Unlike air conditioners, which recycle the indoor air and work best with all doors and windows shut, air coolers need cross ventilation as they work by cooling external air and then blowing it inside. Don’t seal all windows and doors. Instead, slightly open one window. If you have a two-storey house with one big cooler downstairs, you could open a window on the upper floor – hot air rises up, so this will allow the force of the cooler to ‘push’ out hot air.


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