What Is Wrong With My Washer? Here Are Some Of The Most Common Washer Problems As Given By Washer Repair Experts

The dishwasher experiences plenty of problems that not only make it hard to wash your clothes, but also end up damaging your clothes. You can solve some of the issues by yourself while others require you to hire a washer repair professional.

Are you wondering, what is wrong with my washer? Here are some of the most common washer problems and how to solve them:

Does your washer vibrate when cleaning? This is a common problem when you use an unleveled appliance, you load an unbalanced laundry, or you use a machine that isn’t in contact with the floor.

For you to fix this problem, ensure that the washer feet are firmly in contact with the floor. You should level or balance the washer and tighten the jam nuts so that the legs and feet don’t shift.

Also, check the floor for sagging. If it has sagged, add a piece of plywood under the washer to keep it level.

If the laundry is loaded unevenly, rearrange it and load it correctly to avoid the shifting. If you are mid-cycle, pause the cycle and spread the clothes through the drum. Evenly distribute the weighty items such as towels and heavy garments, so there isn’t just one heavy clump being spun around.

Leaking water

Your appliance will leak due to many reasons. One of the most common ones is if the washer isn’t level or properly loaded. It will also leak if the hoses aren’t tightly attached or the hose washers are worn out or improperly inserted.

The first thing you should check is whether the appliance is properly balanced. If not, you need to balance the washing machine. You also should confirm whether the washer basket is out of alignment, causing the water to splash out.

Go around all the hoses and tighten the connections. Ensure that the hose washers aren’t cracked or broken. Also, confirm that they have seated properly in the hose.

Also, pay attention to the water lines and faucets. Are they leaking? If they are, seal them.

You also should confirm that the washer is draining properly, and the drain hose isn’t clogged with hair, lint or a wayward sock.

Using the wrong detergents can also cause the machine to leak, so check the detergent you are using. If you have been using the wrong soaps, the chances are that you have excess suds that could be causing the drum to overfill and leak.

If the leak is small and coming from the front of the machine, it might be coming from the door. This leakage could be due to a seal that might have worn out due to age. To fix the problem, reapply the seal.

Washer making a lot of noise

While the appliance shouldn’t be dead silent, it shouldn’t be too noisy either. In most cases, the appliance will make a lot of noise when there are foreign objects inside, or a part inside has gotten loose.

Different noises come about due to various reasons. For example, gurgling noises indicate something obstructing the drain line. All you need to do is to remove the blockage and prevent it from becoming a full-blown clog.

Is your appliance making clicking sounds? The sounds are often due to objects lodged in the washer drain. The chances are that you missed removing a coin or any other item from the pocket. You need to simply check the drains and remove the foreign object.

If your unit is making humming or buzzing sounds, you might be having a foreign object lodged in your pump. A foreign object tends to jam the system. If the damage is extensive, you have no way out other than to replace the pump. If there is no damage, removing the object is enough to fix the problem.

Bad smell coming from the washer

Even if they are designed to clean clothes, they also get dirty, and when you don’t clean them early enough, they start smelling. The smell is also transferred to the clothes, and you end up having to rewash them.

To fix the problem, you simply need to wash the washing machine. Also, ask an experienced appliance repair Fairfax professional to look around for mold and mildew growth as you might be having a problem with excessive moisture.



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